WeWork members and employees, Anglia Advisors wants to work with you .. 


As a proud WeWork member, working primarily out of the wonderful Penn Station location in midtown Manhattan, we particularly enjoy helping other members and the employees of the WeWork community secure their personal financial futures.

Our particular skill-set lies in helping younger individuals in their 20s, 30s and early 40s and foreign nationals based here in the US.

A significant number of people working out of WeWork locations across the country fit either, or even both, of these profiles and we would love to talk to you, just as we have spoken to and worked with many WeWork members and employees already!

Any active WeWork members (with Hot-Desk membership or above) or any WeWork employees who engage us for personal financial planning advice will receive a 10% discount on our Single Financial Planning Sessions (including our Foreign National Consultation) and/or $20 off our Student Loan Optimized Repayment System or College Planning Analysis.

Contact us for more details of our WeWork discounts or simply message Simon Brady on the WeWork network.


No compensation is being paid to/from Anglia Advisors from/to WeWork LLC in respect of this discounted scheme, nor are the firms affiliated in any way.