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WeWork Discount

WeWork members get financial planning services at discounted prices from Anglia Advisors


WeWork members & staff, Anglia Advisors wants to work with you on your future ..


As proud WeWork members in midtown Manhattan, we at Anglia Advisors particularly enjoy helping other members and the employees of the WeWork community secure their personal financial futures.

Our particular skill-set lies in offering fee-only, no commission, conflict-free personal finance and investment guidance to younger individuals in their 20s, 30s and early 40s and also to any foreign nationals based here in the US on visas or green cards. WeWork provides a great working environment for, and acts as an employer to, just these types of people.

We promise never to try and sleazily sell you any kind of investment, product or insurance policy on the basis of commission because we take no commissions, our ONLY compensation will come from you in the form of a fee and therefore 100% of our obligation is to you. You can see more about how are required to act in your best interests and how that differs from about 90% of other financial advisors here.

Although we have a number of WeWork members and staff as clients already, we would love to talk to, work with and provide personal finance and investment expertise at an affordable price, including a specific discount, to even more of you, from any US location.

Any active WeWork members based out of any US location (with a Hot-Desk membership or above) or any current WeWork employees who engage us as their personal finance consultant is eligible for a 10% discount on our Hourly-Based Sessions (including our Foreign National Consultation).

Contact us for more details of our WeWork discounts.

No compensation is being paid to/from Anglia Advisors from/to WeWork LLC in respect of this discounted scheme, nor are the firms affiliated in any way.