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Investopedia Advisor Insights talks to Simon Brady, CFP® , founder of Anglia Advisors about his financial planning practice. Length 2:00.

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Three New York-based financial advisors talk to Investopedia about how they integrate technology into their practices. Length 12:13.

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Josh Brown and Bill Sweet of Ritholz Wealth lay out everything young newbie investors need to think about as they get started. Length 11:06.

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Why should you use a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional? Length 0:31.

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Living in the US on a visa? A green card? Are you a tax resident of the US? Its vital that you know this and in this short video, Dale Mason, CPA of The Wolf Group gives a broad overview of the considerations that go into answering this question. Length 2:37.

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Tuning Out The Noise .. One of the most valuable services a fiduciary financial advisor can provide. Length 2.23.

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Focusing too much on short-term performance when you are investing for a long-term goal is one of the most common mistakes in investing. Jon Stein, Founder and CEO of Betterment, explains in this short video why this behavioral trait can cause great damage to your level of wealth and how to mentally adjust to the fact that you are investing for the long term. Length 3:01.

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A fascinating series of short videos on behavioral finance inspired by a quote from the famous investor Benjamin Graham: "The investor's chief problem-and even his worst enemy-is likely to be himself.". This link is to the first episode (Length 4:07), you can see the full series at

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PBS’ eye-opening and shocking classic full-length documentary on America’s retirement crisis and Wall Street’s role in plundering retiree investors’ assets. A frightening cautionary tale for the ages. Length 55:44.

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Dan Solin has produced a series of bite-sized nuggets of financial wisdom in the form of dozens of one-minute videos designed to prevent you from becoming a victim of the securities industry. This link is to one of the videos, you see the whole series at:

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Watch Jon Oliver’s funny, biting - yet very well informed - attack on the practices of the traditional retirement planning industry on HBO’s Last Week Tonight show. This is why you should only seek out a fiduciary CFP® who works for a Registered Investment Advisor and who has none of these conflicts of interest. Length 21:29.

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If you are a green card holder looking to give up your green card for any reason after 7 years, you could possibly be treated like a US citizen renouncing their citizenship and be subject to the dreaded and potentially massive US Exit Tax. Dale Mason, CPA of The Wolf Group describes the criteria. Length 4:44.

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Investing: Why the relationship between your time horizon and your portfolio allocation matters so much and why it is the amount of time you are in the market that counts, not timing of the market. Length 6:17.

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Those clients with portfolios under our management can benefit from automated tax-coordination of these portfolios, a strategy previously only available to very High Net Worth Investors. Boris Khentov, VP of Operations and a tax lawyer at Betterment, explains in this short video how this can make a significant difference in your long term returns and thereby your ending balance when you retire. Length 1.22.

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The Social Security card and number explained.

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ETFs 101

Anglia Advisors’ Core Investment Policy statement recommends pretty much the exclusive use of ETFs in a portfolio. But what is an ETF? Matt Hougan, CEO of, explains exactly what ETFs are, how they work, what the risks are and why they are the best building blocks to any portfolio. Length 30:35.