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We Have a Plan for You.


Move at your speed.

  • A unique and cost-effective consultation with an experienced, qualified CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ personal finance consultant where the agenda, the discussion points and what it is you want guidance with and recommendations on are all established between ourselves in advance.

  • Get analysis, opinions and recommendations right then and there in the meeting and in follow-up communications.

  • Discuss any aspect of personal finance with, and get recommendations from, your fiduciary personal finance consultant. This could be a one-time “jump start” or multiple sessions as part of a series of consultations.


Affordable asset management. Available to all. No minimum.

  • Have your assets analyzed, assessed, allocated, managed, rebalanced and monitored professionally on a discretionary basis by a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ investment consultant primarily using low cost, diversified ETF investments.

  • Move the assets to (or set up new accounts on) one of our own technology-driven, diversified, low-cost ETF-based platforms or else you can have the assets in your existing retirement account (401k, 403b etc.) or in your existing investment account professionally allocated, managed, overseen and monitored on a discretionary basis without having to transfer them if don’t want to.

  • No required minimum asset investment level for any account. Zero transaction fees. Advanced technology. Highly competitive asset management fees.


Professional investment advice and customized recommendations. Cost-effective diversification.

  • An experienced CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ investment consultant will analyze your investments and provide advice and recommendations for you to help structure or restructure a strong, cost-effective, tax-efficient, highly diversified portfolio personalized to your specific circumstances.

  • Initial and then ongoing advice can be given on a non-discretionary basis on investments on your current platform (no need to change or transfer accounts) such as IRAs, brokerage accounts, custodian accounts, trust accounts etc. etc., even including any existing in-force retirement accounts (401k, 403b etc.). For new accounts that need opening, fast-track concierge on-boarding service can be offered through our arrangement with Charles Schwab.

  • Non-discretionary advice and recommendations can be given at a lower cost than providing discretionary management, making our fees extremely competitive, particularly for higher balances - and multiple members of the same household can aggregate their accounts for customized advice under one flat fee.


A one-time comprehensive plan. Analysis. Recommendations.

  • A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ personal finance professional is dedicated to your case and will compile and present a full, detailed financial plan that addresses all aspects of your situation.

  • From your investments to your estate plan, from insurance to real estate, from debt management to college planning, you will receive considered and well thought-out recommendations and assistance with implementation, including accessing high quality additional third party financial and legal specialists from the Anglia Advisors Professional Network.

  • The goal is that you move forward with confidence, knowing that your financial situation and that of your family has been analyzed in a broad-based and inclusive manner.


Ongoing access. A financial professional at your side, always.

  • Continuous, ongoing access to your own dedicated CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ personal finance professional, with much lower upfront fees.

  • Have the confidence that your broad financial picture can be analyzed and looked at by a qualified professional as and when life “happens” to you.

  • Constant access when needed to the multiple other financial and legal professionals in the extensive Anglia Advisors Professional Network.


Welcome To America. Here's What You Need To Know.

  • A unique chance to hold a two-hour session with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional with this specialization where you will learn all about the financial issues that face you as an individual non-citizen or foreign national family moving to or already living in the US and get to ask any questions you may have.

  • The consultation can be conducted prior to or after arrival in the US, either in person or by online video conference.

  • You will receive a broad overview but also action items, specific recommendations as well as introductions to professionals who specialize in helping and working with foreign nationals in multiple different fields.


Get debt-free quicker. And pay less.

  • There is one algorithmically-calculable optimum method to pay down student loans - and plenty of wrong ways. Let us show you what your system should be and how much the optimum total repayment amount is, customized to your particular circumstances.

  • Potentially knock years off your repayment period and save thousands of dollars in interest charges as well as examining various re-financing, income driven or forgiveness options and mapping out scenarios showing how they could affect you.

  • Works for those with multiple loans (regardless of how many) with different balances (regardless of how large or small) and various applicable interest rates (regardless of how high or low).


Prep financially for college now.

  • Customized report outlining estimated future costs of attendance prepared by your dedicated CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. Up to three prospective students in the same family can be analyzed in the same report.

  • Calculation of a recommended amount likely required to be saved on monthly basis between now and college graduation to reach the appropriate level of funds in the future, helping families save the right amount in their own particular circumstances.

  • Cost of attendance and a savings schedule can be calculated for different school types (even specific colleges) and can take into account varying degrees of parental coverage of college costs (100%, 70%, up to cost of in-state college etc.) and used to create multiple reports showing a range of scenarios specific to your needs.


Stand-alone, single issue, one-time personal finance projects and investment analysis are also available with fees charged on a per-hour basis. Common examples of this would include a full investment analysis of a portfolio created either by a client or by a client’s financial advisor (a “second set of eyes”) or an analysis of the investment options available within a 401k or 403b plan with an investment recommendation. However, pretty much any personal finance issue can be the subject of an analysis/project.

Your CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ personal finance professional will quote you an anticipated amount of time for the work involved to complete the project. 50% of the anticipated fee is due in advance with the balance due upon completion and delivery. If the project appears likely to exceed the initial time estimate, the client will be contacted, informed and must approve any excess time/charge. If the estimate ends up being low, then this will be reflected favorably in a pro-rata fashion in the invoice for the fee over and above the initial 50% deposit. Minimum project time is two hours.

Anglia Advisors’ hourly fee is $230 per hour for up to the first 8 hours of a project, then $210 per hour after that.


Simon Brady, CFP® and founder of Anglia Advisors is available to give presentations and hold workshops and speaking engagements on a wide variety of personal finance topics, but in particular those that are highly relevant to younger professionals and foreign nationals living in the US. Previous customers and venues for these presentations and workshops have included universities, small/medium-sized private corporations, affinity groups within large corporations, the New York Public Library system as well as other regional library systems, business conferences, Meet Ups, WeWork Educational Events, the Financial Planning Association and various other trade associations and customized private sessions put together by interested groups.

Presentations have included;

  • Start Now! Why Saving And Investing From A Young Age Is So Important

  • Welcome To America! Now Here’s What You Need To Know As An Inbound Expat

  • How To Optimize Your 401k/403b

  • Saving For College .. The Smart Way

  • Why Your Financially-Stressed Employees Are A Big Problem And What Can Be Done

  • Coming Out Of Divorce Or Widowhood .. What You Need To Know

  • Game-Changer: Managing Your Biggest Financial Trigger: The First Kid

  • Women And Money

  • How To Build And Maintain An Effective Retirement Portfolio

  • Congrats, You’ve Graduated And Are Starting Your First Job. Now What? A Financial Guide For College Grads

  • How do the Stock And Bond Markets Actually Work? Financial Markets 101

  • Are You Really Ready? - 7 Things That Are More Important Than Owning A Home

  • Badly Behaved. The Worst Behavioral Finance Biases That Stand Between You And Making Money From Your Investments

  • Roth Or Traditional IRA? Why Even Use An IRA At All?

  • Why You Should be Using ETFs And Mutual Funds, Not Individual Stocks

  • I’m Invested. Now What? How To Tend To Your Portfolio Once It Is In Place

  • The 3 Most Important Factors that Determine The Final Balance Of Your Retirement Account (Spoiler .. None Of Them Is The Rate Of Return On Your Investments)

Speaking, presentation and workshop fees vary according to the nature and location of the engagement.

To discuss engaging Simon to speak at your company, conference, association, affinity group, Meet Up, university/high school or any other kind of interested audience that you can put together on any of these topics or anything related to personal finance that specifically impacts younger professionals or non-citizens living in the US, please contact me at (646) 713 2225 or email;