First, your own dedicated CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional will create a Quick-$tart Plan with detailed recommendations, then work with you going forward on a subscription basis to get you financially organized, address all the identified issues and be constantly available to you at all times to provide help, guidance and advice whenever you need it. The Financial Plan includes optional, low-cost, no-minimum professional portfolio management of your investments along with a personalized Riskalyze Risk Number and access to an extensive network of outside professionals. Clients will have full access to our extensive suite of personal finance services. This is intended to be an ongoing permanent planner/client relationship.


Professional asset management is now finally available to anybody, with no minimum investment level required, high quality, low-cost, tax-optimized professional investment management by a Wall Street-experienced, fiduciary CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. Available as a stand-alone asset management service (with no financial planning required), as an integrated part of our Financial Plan or added as an optional service following an Hourly-Based Single Session. Every portfolio is individually asset-allocated, invested, managed and monitored according the client’s circumstances, their personalized Riskalyze Risk Number, time horizon and financial goals, based on our Core Investment Policy Statement (see here).


A full-blown financial plan and subscription arrangement may not be immediately suitable for you if your list of objectives is more limited or more specific to a single issue that needs addressing. However, that doesn’t mean that you still can’t access the expertise of a qualified CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. Anglia Advisors offers more bite-sized financial planning in the form of Single Sessions of either two or three hours each for which you set the agenda and pay for on a one-time and as-needed basis. This sis a one-time engagement and no ongoing retainer are asset management fees are required (unless opted for following the session). You can arrange for just one session as a kind of “jump-start” or a series of sessions over time. The frequency and regularity is completely up to you, thereby giving you complete control over the amount of information and advice you require and over the total amount of fees you pay.


Saving for college can be a daunting prospect. All sorts of wild and scary numbers are thrown around about future college costs and how much you need to save and there is plenty of misinformation regarding which vehicles are best for saving, where and how to save, the role of the FAFSA and CSS forms etc. Your Anglia Advisors CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional will present a concise report based on the timelines involved, educated assumptions about costs and rates of return and how much of the cost of attendance it is wise to plan to cover.


Did you know that there is one algorithmically calculable optimal and money-saving amount to repay on your student loans and it is different for everyone according to the loan type, outstanding balance, the interest rates involved and the current monthly spend?  Using advanced technology, math and common sense, your Anglia Advisors CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional can show you how to make your repayments as efficient and powerful as possible, often knocking years off the repayment period and thereby potentially thousands of dollars off the amount of interest paid.


The state of your credit is of ever increasing importance. Not only does it dictate the availability, size and interest costs of loans such as mortgages, car loans credit card limits and personal bank loans, but also the refinancing of these and other loans (such as student loans). Credit scores are also increasingly being used to influence decisions by landlords, building management firms, cellphone companies, utility providers, insurance companies, debt collection firms, government agencies and even prospective employers. It is important to understand that any institution checking your credit is looking at a Tri-Merge Report which is a far more detailed and longer-term credit report than the freebies you can access from the likes of Credit Karma, and the rest. In partnership with Regal Credit Management (RCM), New York’s premier credit development firm, Anglia Advisors offers access to a copy and analysis of the exact same credit report that the lenders use to judge you. A RCM credit specialist will analyze and call you go over the report, pointing out any deficiencies and offering potential solutions and advice on keeping a healthy credit score.