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Simon Brady CFP®, CDFA® and founder of Anglia Advisors is available to give presentations and hold workshops and speaking engagements on a wide variety of personal finance topics (see below), but in particular those that are highly relevant to financial planning for younger professionals and foreign nationals living in the US as well as investment management and fin-tech concepts.

Simon is engaged by companies to present to their workforce on these topics as decided by small/medium sized company management as a form of personal financial fitness education or their employees. There is a mountain of evidence that suggests that a workforce that is financially stable in their personal lives is far more productive than one riddled with financial crises at home which they inevitably bring to the job. I once wrote an article about this which you can find here.

Other customers and venues for these presentations and workshops have included universities, affinity groups within large corporations, the New York Public Library system as well as other regional library systems, expert professional panels at conferences and elsewhere, Meet Ups, WeWork Educational Events, the Financial Planning Association and various other trade associations and customized private sessions put together by interested groups.

Presentations have included;

  • Start Now! Why Saving And Investing From A Young Age Is So Important

  • Welcome To America! Now Here’s What You Need To Know As An Inbound Expat

  • How To Optimize Your 401k/403b

  • Saving For College .. The Smart Way

  • Why Your Financially-Stressed Employees Are A Big Problem And What Can Be Done About It

  • Coming Out Of Divorce Or Widowhood .. What You Need To Know

  • Game-Changer: Managing Your Biggest Financial Trigger: The First Kid

  • Women And Money

  • How To Build And Maintain An Effective Retirement Portfolio

  • Congrats, You’ve Graduated And Are Starting Your First Job. Now What? A Financial Guide For College Grads

  • How do the Stock And Bond Markets Actually Work? Financial Markets 101

  • Are You Really Ready? - 7 Things That Are More Important Than Owning A Home

  • Badly Behaved. The Worst Behavioral Finance Biases That Prevent You From Making Money From Your Investments

  • Roth Or Traditional IRA? Why Even Use An IRA At All?

  • Why You Should be Using ETFs And Mutual Funds, Not Individual Stocks

  • I’m Invested. Now What? How To Tend To Your Portfolio Once It Is In Place

  • The 4 Most Important Factors that Determine The Final Balance Of Your Retirement Account (Spoiler .. None Of Them Is The Rate Of Return On Your Investments)

Speaking, presentation and workshop fees vary according to the nature and location of the engagement.

To discuss engaging Simon to speak at your company, conference, association, affinity group, Meet Up, university/high school or any other kind of interested audience on any of these topics or others related to personal finance that specifically impacts younger professionals or non-citizens living in the US, please call (646) 713 2225 or email