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Portfolio Management

Professional Portfolio Management Service

Affordable asset management. Available to all. No minimum.

Wall Street has devised a multitude of ways to part you from your money and has sent out an army of transactional, commission-compensated financial advisors out there to sell its Kool-Aid, who are making themselves rich in the process at the expense of their clients. Finally, you don’t need to put up with this .. professional fiduciary money management is now available to everybody at an affordable price and with no minimum investment level required, through Anglia Advisors.

Experience high quality, low-cost, tax-optimized discretionary professional investment management by a Wall Street-experienced, fiduciary CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ investment professional, both in terms of portfolio construction and ongoing management. Available as a stand-alone asset management service (with no financial planning involved), as an integrated part of our Financial Plan or added as an optional service following an Hourly-Based Session or as an integrated part of our Financial Plan or Monthly Membership according the client’s particular circumstances, risk tolerance/capacity (as measured by our personalized proprietary Anglia Risk Score), time horizon and financial goals and based on Anglia Advisors' Core Investment Policy.

These accounts are managed as discretionary accounts, meaning that the advisor is able to “take the wheel” in terms of determining asset allocations, making investments and trades within the account(s), rebalancing, generating contributions, setting contribution size and frequency, tactically adjusting the holdings etc. using discretionary access to the account granted to the advisor by the client. Any actions taken by the advisor in the account are always reported to you by email. The advisor is not able to make any changes to the client profile (editing names, addresses etc.) with this discretion.

Management fees are directly tied to account balances as a percentage of assets managed and are reduced on a “per-dollar” basis periodically as balances grow (see Features and Pricing below). They are paid on a quarterly basis by means of direct deduction from the accounts.

While this platform is ideal for younger professionals in their 20s, 30s and early 40s or so-called HENRYs (High Earners, Not Rich Yet), it is also the perfect investment option for fee-conscious individuals of any age or families at any generational stage with significant investable assets. We can provide highly cost-effective, evidence-based, understandable yet extremely compelling investment management with full fee-transparency and without any of the unnecessary and expensive injections of product complexity and commission-generating, conflicted security selection and excessive trading in search of transaction fee income offered by most investment advisors.

Our platform uses the latest in financial technology, an intuitive client dashboard, simple one-time deposits and withdrawals, auto-deposit capability for multiple frequencies - including an award-winning mobile app.

These other advisors who work at the brokerage houses, banks, credit unions and insurance companies are not fiduciaries and are incentivized to get you invested in as many of the particular products that pay them the highest commission as possible, regardless of what your individual goals and needs may be. They can be a potentially real danger to the wealth and well-being of all the investors they work with.

Note: certain clients may not be eligible to use the platform due to internal employer regulations, US residency status, concentrated stock positions or other reasons. Such clients have the option of granting us billable discretionary management on a different platform (see “Held Away” Account Management below) We also have an informal partnership with Charles Schwab for a fast-track, concierge-style account opening process if needed.

NOW AVAILABLE: Indirect "Held Away" Account Management

As well as portfolios available to be directly managed on the Anglia Advisors platform as described above, we are also able - by means of advanced technology - to analyze, assess, allocate, fully manage, rebalance and provide discretionary management to accounts held elsewhere, including existing, in-force, current 401ks, 403bs, 457 Deferred Comp Plans, Federal Thrift Savings Plans as well as accounts and IRAs held at other providers such as Schwab, Fidelity, Vanguard, TD Ameritrade, E-Trade etc.

This eliminates the necessity to liquidate existing accounts and move them to a new platform in order to have assets professionally managed with discretion and also provides our clients with the highly unusual and exciting opportunity to have their existing, current workplace retirement plan fully analyzed, allocated, fully managed and rebalanced by a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ investment professional.

Like our direct portfolio management services described above, these indirectly-managed accounts are considered as discretionary accounts, but with a lower level of discretion, meaning that the advisor is only able to “take the wheel” in terms of creation of asset allocations, trading of the securities or funds within the account, manage and rebalance the account and conduct ongoing monitoring and tactical adjustments using discretionary access to the account granted to the advisor by the client. The advisor is not able to make any other changes (editing profile names, addresses etc., generating contributions or setting contribution size and frequency) with this level of discretion.

We can, however, offer multiple strategy options including ultra low cost passive investing, socially responsible/ESG investing, income-based and asset-protective investing, quantitative and algorithmic investing, factor-based/”smart beta” product investing, internationally-focused investing and more (available as long as the account under advisement permits these investments on their platform - for instance, a 401k with a restricted set of investment options may not allow creation of all or any of these strategies).

Management fees for Held Away Management are the same as for directly managed assets on our platform (see below) but the “held away” portion will be assessed quarterly by means of invoicing and not by means of direct deduction.

Important note: Held Away accounts might not permit access to some or even many of the features of directly managed accounts described above and below since they are subject to the menu of features offered by the provider, which may be more restrictive.


This schedule shows the maximum management fee rates, the Firm may from time to time choose to reduce these rates in certain circumstances. These management fees apply to the aggregate of assets managed directly and managed “held away assets” and break points are calculated using this total. Allocations and investments are made in accordance with the firm’s Core Investment Policy Statement and following exploration with the client concerning their circumstances, goals, objectives, concerns, anticipated lifestyle changes, time horizons, family dynamics and other relevant information. Clients are responsible for fees associated with the ETFs or mutual funds held within the account, but the firm very specifically works to keep these fees to a minimum by the almost exclusive use of low cost index funds. Management fees are quoted in percent of assets managed on an annualized basis and are assessed quarterly by means of direct deduction from the account balance in the case of directly-managed assets and by means of an invoice in the case of “held away”asset management. For example, $100k under management carries a management fee of 0.98% per year and the client will be billed $245 per calendar quarter as a deduction from assets for direct management and by invoice for indirect management. Initial quarterly billing will be pro-rata, depending upon at which point in the quarterly cycle that asset management began. Lower management fee levels are achieved by the total balance exceeding higher discount break points (such as at $250k or $1.5m) and are then applied to the whole balance (back to dollar zero) and not just to the amount by which the break point is exceeded. The managed assets of married couples or those in committed partnerships living in the same household (sharing the same primary address) can be aggregated for the purposes of achieving discount break points more quickly.