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Portfolio Advisory

Portfolio Advisory

Professional Portfolio Advisory Service

Professional investment advice and customized recommendations for higher balance accounts. Cost-effective diversification.

For those with higher balances and who do not necessarily want to grant discretionary access to an advisor, you can still access a Wall Street-experienced CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ investment professional to advise you on your asset allocation, investment holdings, rebalances and help you to structure exactly the right kind of portfolio for you in terms of your goals, time horizons, risk profile (as measured by our personalized proprietary Anglia Risk Score), cost, expected rate of return, tax efficiency, diversification, income generation requirements and more. You will be advised on ongoing tactical adjustments to the portfolios of any or all of your investment accounts including brokerage accounts, IRAs, current in-force or dormant 401ks, 403bs, 457s, trust accounts, custodial accounts etc. all for one flat fee, no matter how many accounts are advised upon.

Experience high quality, tax-optimized, professional ongoing investment advice from a fiduciary CFP® investment consultant as a stand-alone portfolio advisory service (with no financial planning involved), added as an optional service following an Hourly-Based Session or as an integrated part of our Financial Plan or Monthly Membership according the client’s particular circumstances, risk tolerance/capacity (as measured by our personalized proprietary Anglia Risk Score), time horizon and financial goals and based on Anglia Advisors' Core Investment Policy.

Unlike with our Professional Portfolio Management Service where assets are directly managed with advisor discretion to “take the wheel” in terms of directly determining asset allocations, making investments and trades, rebalancing, generating contributions, setting contribution frequency, tactically adjusting the holdings etc. using discretionary access to the account granted to the advisor by the client, these advisory accounts are non-discretionary. This important distinction means that the advisor has no discretion from the client to make any changes or take any actions within the client account, the role is purely advisory and the responsibility for implementation and execution of the advisors’ recommendations lies with the client. Consequently, this is not considered to be assets under management (AUM), but rather fee-only assets under advisement (AUA).

Clients receive advisory services on multiple accounts for one predictable flat fee per household of $2500 per quarter (up to $3m under advisement, above which the advisory fee switches to an annual rate 0.33% of assets, or 0.0825% per quarter). Per-household pricing allows couples and families to aggregate their assets for advisement under the same fee schedule. Consequently, while the Professional Portfolio Advisory Service has no actual minimum investment requirement, it is likely to be not particularly cost-effective for balances below about $1m per household but becomes highly cost effective for considerably higher balances. For lower balances than $1m, a more fee-optimal solution would be our Professional Portfolio Management Service.

Professional Portfolio Advisory Services are available for any type of account, held at any kind of provider. Roth IRAs held at Fidelity, brokerage accounts at Vanguard, custodial accounts at TD Ameritrade, your current, existing in-force 401ks/403bs or dormant ones from previous employers. For new accounts that may need to be opened, we have partnered with Charles Schwab to open and fund accounts with a personalized concierge service to make the process smooth and easy. We will need to be granted “view-only” access to these accounts to monitor and provide oversight over the balances and the investments to determine appropriate actions to recommend.

Investment recommendations will take into account of the most cost-effective options available on that particular platform (including taking into account any transaction-free suite of investments that the platform may offer) and will be from among low-cost, liquid and highly-diversified ETFs or index mutual funds. We are not individual stock-pickers nor do we invest our clients in expensive and underperforming actively-managed or load funds. Nor will we be recommending any expensive structured products, option or futures contracts, private equity, hedge funds, any insurance products, variable annuities etc.

However, we do offer multiple strategy options including ultra low cost passive investing, socially responsible/ESG investing, income-based and asset-protective investing, quantitative and algorithmic investing, factor-based/”smart beta” product investing, internationally-focused investing and more (available as long as the account under advisement permits these investments on their platform - for instance, a 401k with a restricted set of investment options may not allow creation of all or any of these strategies).

It is, however, the perfect investment advisory option for fee-conscious individuals of any age or families at any generational stage with significant investable assets and a willingness to act upon experienced, professional and fiduciary advice. The recommendations will be highly cost-effective, evidence-based and understandable with full transparency in the form of a flat quarterly advisory fee, up to $3m under advisement per household at which point the fee switches to become asset-based (see below).


Asset allocation and security recommendations are made following exploration with the client concerning their circumstances, goals, objectives, concerns, anticipated lifestyle changes, time horizons, family dynamics, risk tolerance/capacity (as measured by our personalized proprietary Anglia Risk Score) and other relevant information. Anglia Advisors has no discretionary control over the account and the client is fully responsible for implementing and executing our recommendations and advice, although Anglia Advisors can offer verbal assistance if necessary. Clients are to permit Anglia Advisors “view-only” access to the accounts under advisement. Many investment platform providers offer this service and that is the ideal method or we can suggest an alternative means of providing view-only access. Clients are responsible for any and all fees associated with use of the platform used and the internal expense ratios or any other fees associated with the ETFs or mutual funds held within the account, but Anglia Advisors works very specifically to keep these particular fees to a minimum by the recommended use where possible of low cost index funds. Each member of a “Household” for the purposes of pricing this service must have the same address as their primary residence. The initial one-time set-up fee is due immediately upon execution of the client engagement agreement and prior to any analysis being carried out or advice given and is to be paid via Zelle or AdvicePay only. Thereafter, advisory fees are quoted as flat fees on a calendar quarterly basis (invoiced for in arrears after the end of March, June, September and December with the invoice for the first quarter pro-rated using the number of days into a deemed-120 day quarter that an agreement is signed) and are to be paid via Zelle or AdvicePay only. For example, the first quarterly fee for $1m placed under advisory by a client agreement signed on April 30th (day 30 of 120 in the quarter, so 25% of the way through the quarter) will be calculated by multiplying $2500 by 75% (the remaining percentage of the quarter) for a total of $1875, which will be invoiced for on July 1st and then $2500 on October 1st and quarterly thereafter. At over $3m under advisory, the fee schedule switches to 0.33% per year of the assets being advised upon, payable quarterly (so 0.0825% per quarter).