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Per Hour Planning

As much affordable personal finance advice as you need. Only what you need. Retain control.

Per Hour Planning offers you the opportunity to hire and tap in to the insight and experience of a qualified, experienced fiduciary CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ consultant to work on financial projects and plans for you, both large and small.

The beauty of the Per Hour Planning solution is that your designated advisor will address only what it is that you want to accomplish and that you retain control over the fees that you pay. This can be a broad-based project such as an whole review and consolidation of your personal finance environment in terms of accounts, investments, debt management, estate planning, education funding, insurances etc or perhaps a detailed analysis of all your investment accounts, retirement plans and IRAs followed by specific recommendations for how to better optimize them.

Or - at the other end of the spectrum - it could be something much narrower; like having your new 401k at work analyzed and getting suggestions as to how to allocate your contributions or taking the guesswork out of how much really you should be putting away (and where to put it) to properly fund your children’s education.

You can also choose, if you wish, to opt for any form of ongoing portfolio management services or portfolio advisory services in combination with any Per Hour engagement.

You will receive a complimentary copy of our Custom Spending Plan/Cash Flow Tool, Important Tax Numbers Chart, Estate Readiness Checklist and Educational Appendix that explains important personal finance concepts and strategies.

You will also be able to access the Anglia Advisors Professional Network of financial and legal professionals, who are specifically experienced and qualified in dealing with our clients in the implementation of our recommendations.

No membership fees are required, you just pay as you go for high quality and no-hidden-agenda personal financial advice. You will be given an upfront estimate of the number of hours required to complete the engagement or that phase of the engagement and will then be billed monthly for the work done over the preceding month (the first two hours are payable in advance). You can always check at any time as to how many billable hours have been worked in the cycle and how the status of the pre-engagement estimate is holding up.

Unlike the Monthly Membership option which is intended to be an ongoing, more long-term relationship which can go on for an indefinite amount of time, the Per Hour model is viewed as having some kind of pre-defined reachable objective and terminal date reached in a matter of weeks or months at which the engagement stops or at least pauses, although of course, such engagements can be re-activated or re-instituted at any time.

Per Hour engagements are also commonly added to Hourly-Based Sessions as a supplement, to complete any tasks that maybe arose in the course of the session and that may require additional time, resources and research to address or were not addressed in the session due to time constraints. In this regard, a Per Hour engagement may be preferable to an additional Hourly Session where, once again, the client and the advisor are sitting together. In many cases, such followup can be researched, worked on and prepared by the advisor alone, without the need for the client to be present, until the full “reveal” at the end. The regular hourly rate is discounted for a client who chooses to follow an Hourly-Based Session with a Per Hour engagement.

Important note: As a Registered Investment Advisory firm, Anglia Advisors is not permitted to give direct tax or legal advice, but is permitted to broadly describe the tax or legal landscape in which the client may be operating.


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Minimum of two billable hours. Hours are billed in half-hourly increments. Billable hours include those spent in meetings in-person at our location in New York City or any other location or by online video conference, phone calls, time spent analyzing client data, researching and preparing recommendations, preparing and presenting of final reports and any other relevant activities directly related to the engagement. Short, single issue incoming phone calls of about 10 minutes or less or text messages or emails that can be responded to promptly will likely not be subject to any billing nor, in general, will most calls that are initiated by Anglia Advisors. Clients will receive a summary email containing recommendations and personal finance resources, our Custom Spending Plan/Cash Flow Tool, our Estate Readiness Checklist, Important Tax Numbers chart and Educational Appendix.

Clients will be given a good-faith estimate in advance of a range of the total number of hours likely required to complete the engagement or that phase of it. This is only an educated guess on the part of the advisor and there are plenty of circumstances where the total hours worked could differ significantly from the estimate, higher or lower.

Clients are able to request an update of billed hours for a cycle at any time as well as the status of the original estimate and can expect a prompt and accurate response from Anglia Advisors. Clients will also be advised if it becomes evident that the original estimate was low and that additional hours will need to be worked and billed for.

The first two hours (the minimum) are payable in advance as a downpayment, thereafter clients will be invoiced after the end of each calendar month (including any partial first month, but with a two-hour credit for the downpayment) for work carried out during that preceding month along with a time sheet giving details of the billable tasks undertaken or completed. These monthly invoices are payable upon receipt, even if the engagement is still ongoing at the time.

Per Hour engagements/projects are intended to have some kind of terminal date, but can be re-activated or re-instituted at any time. Per Hour and project engagements can be combined with Portfolio Management or Portfolio Advisory services and can be used as supplemental to Hourly-Based Sessions.

Any client who follows up an Hourly-Based Session with a Per Hour engagement will have their fees discounted in that they will be granted the discounted rate from hour one instead of having to complete eight hours at the regular, higher rate before becoming entitled to the discounted rate.