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Monthly Membership

Ongoing access. A financial professional at your side, always.

Have your own dedicated CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional at your side and available to you on an ongoing basis as your life takes all its inevitable twists and turns. As well as providing you with your own qualified personal financial problem-solver and consultant, your ongoing membership also grants you access to countless other financial and legal professionals at any time for as long as you are a member via the Anglia Advisors Professional Network.

The relationship kicks off with a personalized Asset Map, a graphic presentation of exactly where you stand in all aspects of your financial life and a starting point for all that follows. From there, your CFP® personal finance consultant will identify a program of analysis, recommendations, introductions if necessary and then implementation of the component parts of your financial picture in an organized and sensible order of importance and in a manner that does not ever overwhelm you with excessive data, information and outsized to-do lists all at one time.

As and when the issues are addressed, we ensure that you completely understand what is being recommended and implemented by explaining it to you in real, understandable words and imagery, not the dry, intimidating acronyms and ideas employed by most financial advisors who will often deliberately obfuscate what they are doing because, if they are not fiduciaries, they are more than likely not acting in your best interests and they’d rather you didn’t figure that out!

You have optional access to our affordable, evidence-based, no minimum ongoing Portfolio Management services for all types and locations of accounts, making use of the professional, low-cost, highly-diversified strategies developed and managed under the terms of our Core Investment Policy Statement and your own Anglia Risk Score derived from our own proprietary analysis.

Your advisor remains at your disposal as unavoidable changes happen to you with your job, relationships, real estate situation, parenthood, business interests, relocation, inheritance, marriage, death, divorce and the multitude of other things that will “happen”, all of which can call for a recalibration of your finances. In other words, we want to be your first call when these things happen!

For as long as you are a member, you will have no-cost access to our Client Portal and Electronic Document Vault, which you can use as your complete financial hub, linking and monitoring all your accounts, assets, and debts to generate a dynamic net worth and personal balance sheet statement at all times as well as securely and conveniently electronically housing all your important financial and legal documents in one place.

Unlike the Per Hour Planning option which is viewed as having some kind of pre-defined reachable objective and terminal date in a matter of weeks or maybe months after which the engagement stops or pauses, the Monthly Membership model is intended to be an ongoing, somewhat indefinite, longer term relationship, although early termination rights and clauses are included.

The Monthly Membership is particularly ideal for those professionals in their 20s, 30s facing or early 40s undergoing multiple life events (marriage/cohabitation, expansion of disposable income, real estate considerations, expansion of family size, divorce etc., to name but a few) who are attracted by the idea of having a qualified professional at their side and always available in this journey.

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Plan prices can differ according to complexity level or special circumstances. Fees indicated above are typical for non-complex plans with no special circumstances. The One Time Setup Fee is due in full upon completion and signature of the client engagement agreement in advance of any planning consultations. Monthly fees become due the first full month following completion and signature of the client engagement agreement. These are paid in arrears and are therefore not due until the first day of the month following the first full month following completion and signature of the client engagement agreement. For example, if the agreement is signed on, say, March 10th, the first full month for which a fee is payable will be April and the invoice will be sent in mid-April, but will not be payable until May 1st and then the 1st of each month thereafter. Monthly payments require the use of either Chase Quickpay with Zelle (or any another Zelle payment provider which permits recurring scheduled monthly payments) or AdvicePay. It is anticipated that membership periods will last somewhat indefinitely although a termination mechanism will be put in place. For shorter or more limited our specific outcome-oriented engagements, consider our Per Hour Planning service.