1) Anglia Advisors receives payments via CHASE QUICKPAY with Zelle using the email address:

If you bank with a different institution, it may well be part of the Zelle network or possibly use PopMoney®, Send Money®, SurePay℠, Person to Person or equivalent feature which you can use by simply sending payments to that email address (see below).

Please remember to always put your name in any Memo or Notes fields so that the payment can be easily identified as having come from you

For services offered by your particular institution, click on your bank below (if your bank is not listed, please contact us)

Any bank that offers Zelle

Any bank that offers PopMoney

Chase Bank

Bank of America


Wells Fargo

TD Bank

Ally Bank

Capital One

First Republic

US Bank

Fifth Third Bank

PNC Bank


Citizens Bank


2) You can also pay us for free directly from your invoice by clicking on the green "Pay Now" button on the top right of the invoice. 


Contact us if you require any further information.  

Anglia Advisors does not accept credit cards or cash.