Simon frequently contributes personal finance-related articles to various media outlets, and has been variously published in, among others, Business Insider, the Wall St. Journal, CNBC and CNN Money and is a regular contributor to Investopedia. He also hosts his own podcast: Angles.  Simon has also been featured in other podcasts and a number of financial planning-related videos on Investopedia, Asset TV, ConnectRoot and more.

Some of Simon's media contributions include:

Simon's Investopedia article on why, when it comes to his clients, he doesn't care

Simon is among three advisors interviewed by Investopedia in a video about offering various technology solutions to clients

Business Insider published Simon's article on why procrastination can damage your wealth

Simon's Savvy Parents article on college funding and the Expected Family Contribution

Estate attorney Laura Cowan interviewed Simon on the common mistakes that financial advisors see their clients making over and over again

Simon is quoted in an Investopedia article "Advisors: How to Make Robo Technology Work for You"

Investopedia article: "Why Socially Responsible Investing Is A Bad Idea"

Simon's appearance on Asset TV, talking about advising foreign national clients in the US

Simon is quoted in an article: "So You Are Inheriting A House - Now What?"

Another Savvy Parents article from Simon, on what to think about when choosing a financial advisor

Investopedia Advisor Insights video on Anglia Advisors

Simon's presentation on "Mutual Funds, Index Funds and ETFs" at the Financial Planning Association's annual Financial Fitness Workshop, along with most of the other presentations given that day

Investopedia article: "Choose ETFs Over Mutual Funds For Your Portfolio"

Investopedia article: "Financial Issues For Foreign Nationals Living In The US"

Webinar in association with ConnectRoot: "What Non-Citizens Need to Know About Managing Their Finances"

Investopedia article: "Why Procrastination Will Steal Your Future Wealth" 

As part of SUMTech 16 week, Simon and Dale Mason of The Wolf Group presented a webinar exploring the income tax, foreign account reporting requirements and estate tax considerations specific to foreign nationals in the US

Investopedia article: "Why Stock Picking Is A Loser's Game"

Simon was quoted in an Investopedia article on paying off mortgages

Simon speaking at SUMTech 2016

Anglia Advisors is proud to be listed as a committed firm by the Committee For the Fiduciary Standard

Simon's article for Savvy Parents on why you may need personal liability insurance

Top Talent Lifestyle article by Simon about things to consider when Coming To America

Simon contributed to Cultural Mixology's newsletter to their clients

Simon was interviewed about his practice by the team on the "Potentially Human" podcast series

Simon is a member of the Investopedia Advisor Insights team

Simon has written a book on investing, you can check it out here