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Hourly-Based Single Sessions

Hourly-Based Single Sessions 


A full-blown financial plan and subscription arrangement may not be immediately suitable for you if your list of objectives is more limited or more specific to a single issue that needs addressing. However, that doesn’t mean that you still can’t access the expertise of a qualified CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional.

Anglia Advisors offers more bite-sized financial planning in the form of Single Sessions of either two or three hours each for which you set the agenda and pay for on a one-time and as-needed basis. This is a one-time engagement and no ongoing retainer or asset management fees are required (unless these are opted for following the session). You can arrange for just one session as a kind of “jump-start” or a series of sessions over time. The frequency and regularity is completely up to you, thereby giving you complete control over the amount of information and advice you require and over the total amount of fees you pay.

The Single Session:

  • A choice of a two or three hour private meeting with a fiduciary CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. The meeting can be held in person at my midtown Manhattan location or remotely by video call. The agenda is completely up to you and can encompass any aspect of financial planning, personal finance and/or investment management or can even be a purely educational experience

  • Items are addressed verbally, as much as possible, right then and there in the meeting. Any items requiring further research or follow up and further information on the part of the advisor will be addressed in an emailed report shortly after the meeting

  • Book just one or as many sessions as you wish. Single Sessions come in two or three hour formats and multiple sessions of either duration are possible

  • Discounted pricing for Anglia Student Loan Repayment Optimizer and/or Anglia College Planning System for Single Session clients

  • Single Sessions can be combined with subsequent portfolio management engagement with ETF-based professionally allocated and managed portfolios with no minimum asset level in taxable individual or joint brokerage accounts, rollover/inherited/Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, SEP IRAs or trust accounts as well as existing current 401ks, 403bs, 457 Deferred Comp Plans, Federal Thrift Savings Plans or taxable and IRA accounts "held away" at providers like Schwab, Fidelity, Vanguard, TD Ameritrade, E-Trade etc. (more details here)

  • In the case where a Single Session engagement subsequently develops into a Financial Plan engagement, 50% of the initial Single Session fee will be credited back to the client against fees payable for the Financial Plan

  • All Single Session meetings will be conducted under The Fiduciary Standard.

Commonly-addressed topics in Single Sessions are:

  • Imminent or recent marriage and the financial, legal and tax consequences, challenges, obligations and opportunities that this brings about

  • Imminent or recent divorce or widowhood and the financial consequences, challenges, obligations and opportunities that this brings about, particularly if you were not the primary financial organizational partner during the period of time of the marriage

  • Imminent or recent parenthood and the financial, legal, estate planning and insurance-related consequences, challenges, obligations and opportunities that this brings about

  • Imminent or recent college graduation and entry into the workforce and the financial consequences, changes, challenges, obligations and opportunities that this brings about

  • Imminent or recent change in employment and workplace benefits (including a new 401k/403b plan that needs to be analyzed and allocated) and the financial consequences and opportunities that this brings about

  • Consideration of a real estate purchase and an objective analysis of the financial, credit and cash flow consequences, challenges, obligations and opportunities that this brings about

  • A sudden or unexpected influx of wealth from an inheritance, legal settlement, significant bonus etc. with which you need guidance as to how to deploy, invest and use wisely and cost-efficiently

  • A two or three hour “crash-course” in personal finance and financial markets and a savings and investment education for yourself, a friend or family member in need of a general understanding of how the financial environment works

Specialized Single Sessions:

A Portfolio Review: A specific type of 2 or 3 hour session with an impartial and detailed review of an existing portfolio that may have been created by you or by another advisor. We can look in detail at the risk/return characteristics of your complete portfolio and the individual holdings and their appropriateness for you. We can dig into a lot of the fees that you are paying, some of which you may know about , some of which you may not. If appropriate, alternative investment strategies can be discussed.

Foreign Nationals In The US: A specific type of 2 hour session that addresses considerations and issues that face non-US-citizens living and working (or about to be) in the US on a visa or a green card and offers advice and access to qualified professionals (more detail can be found here). Note the modified pricing for Foreign National Consultations below. 

Important note: As a Registered Investment Advisory firm, Anglia Advisors is not permitted to give direct tax or legal advice, but is permitted to broadly describe the tax or legal landscape in which the client may be operating