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Hourly-Based Sessions 

The kickstart you need. Bite-sized access to qualified personal finance and investment experience.

An opportunity to access and tap in to the insight and experience of a qualified, experienced fiduciary CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ personal financial consultant with decades of experience in financial markets and expertise in wealth creation and protection for individuals and couples who is not going to attempt to sell you anything and whom you are paying for un-conflicted and completely objective fiduciary advice in the most cost-effective way possible. These sessions, which can be held in person at our location in New York City or virtually, can demystify personal finance and investment concepts, explain where you stand and make specific recommendations in simple language so that you can then go and confidently take the appropriate steps to improve your personal financial situation.

After the session, you will receive a summary email containing recommendations and providing personal finance resources as well as a complimentary copy of our Custom Spending Plan/Cash Flow Tool, Important Tax Numbers Chart, Estate Readiness Checklist and Educational Appendix that explains important personal finance concepts and strategies. You also receive 2 weeks of unlimited email access to your designated CFP® professional after the session to deal with any questions that may arise from the session.

Hourly-Based Session clients are also given a complimentary subscription to the Anglia Advisors Monthly Market Report and are able to access the Anglia Advisors Professional Network of financial and legal professionals, who are specifically experienced and qualified in dealing with our target clientele in the implementation of our recommendations.

Following a session, you can also choose, if you wish, to opt for any one of our ongoing Portfolio Management services. These are not mandatory, however.

Anglia Advisors offers these unique personal finance advisory consultations in the form of Hourly-Based Sessions of either two or three hours each for which you set the agenda and pay for on an as-needed basis. No up-front or ongoing membership fees are required, no pressure is exerted, you just pay as you go for high quality and no-hidden-agenda personal financial advice. The content of the sessions is up to you, let us know in advance what is on your mind, what keeps you awake, what guidance you require, what personal finance problems need solving, what professional connections you need to access, what accounts you may need to open or fund etc. etc. All aspects of personal finance are on the table for discussion.

In general and depending on complexity, a two-hour session can be arranged to focus on one or two financial areas. Two or three financial areas can normally be covered in a three-hour session.

You can arrange for just one session as a kind of “jump-start” or, more commonly, a series of sessions over time, or simply arrange to come back for refresher session at any time, but particularly as and when you experience a significant life transitionary events or become stressed or confused by a particular personal finance situation that may develop. The frequency and regularity is up to you, thereby giving you complete control over the amount of information and advice you require and over the total amount of fees you pay for this advice.

Hourly-Based Sessions are also commonly supplemented afterwards by Per Hour engagements instead of an additional Hourly-Based Session order to complete any tasks that maybe arose in the course of the session and that may require additional time, resources and research to address or were not addressed in the session due to time constraints.

Important note: As a Registered Investment Advisory firm, Anglia Advisors is not permitted to give direct tax or legal advice, but is permitted to broadly describe the tax or legal landscape in which the client may be operating.


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Prices shown above are typical for non-complex cases, more complex cases may be priced higher. Sessions are available only in one of the time durations shown above. They are held in person at our location in New York City or virtually by online video conference. Clients will receive a summary email containing recommendations and personal finance resources, our Custom Spending Plan/Cash Flow Tool, our Estate Readiness Checklist, Important Tax Numbers chart and Educational Appendix. Clients will also have 2 weeks from the date of the session of unlimited email access to their designated CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional for questions arising from the session. All sessions will be held under the fiduciary standard. The fee is payable by check made out to ANGLIA INC. at the beginning of the session or electronically in advance using Zelle to Portfolio Management services can be added to an Hourly-Based Session, as can either additional Hourly-Based Sessions or a Per Hour engagement.

WEWORK: Existing WeWork members (with a Hot Desk membership and above) and all WeWork employees are eligible for a 10% discount on Hourly Sessions.