What We Do

Specializing in financial advice for younger professionals in their twenties, thirties and early forties as well as foreign nationals living and working in the US, Anglia Advisors is a full-service, fee-only financial planning and investment management firm based in New York City. 


Client first, client only.           fully comprehensive.           not easy - but simple. 

Why Us


We have made it our business to understand the financial motivations, needs, goals and concerns of younger professionals as well as those of non-citizens in the US, who may have particular financial planning issues. 

As a fee-only, fiduciary advisor, our compensation comes 100% from our clients for our un-conflicted advice and never from any commissions, product sales or kick-backs from investment product providers, insurance companies etc. We have put ourselves under a legal obligation to act in our clients’ best interests at all times.


Our Services

Financial plan

Anglia Advisors will take an expansive and wide-ranging look at all aspects of your financial picture, from the asset allocation of your investments to your retirement plan, from your estate plan to your insurance coverage, from the debt management of your student loans to saving for kids’ college, from real estate to workplace benefits, from budgeting tools to client education and more. Using powerful technology and a cost-effective subscription model, your dedicated CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional will assess your current situation, make specific recommendations, make professional introductions and work side-by side with you to implement the plan (including optional portfolio management if required) and keep it on track as life happens. Client education about investments and personal finance is an integral part of the process.

student loan repayment plan

There's one smart way to repay your student loan debt and many, many not-so-smart ways. Making used of advanced algorithmic technology, math principles and common sense, Anglia Advisors can show you that smart way, potentially knocking years off your repayment period and thereby potentially saving you thousands of dollars in interest payments. Your advisor will present his findings to you and you will be sent a full report with all the recommendations and scenarios included. This service is offered at no cost to Financial Planning clients only, but is also available on a stand-alone basis for a one-time fee to other clients and non-clients alike.

portfolio management

Anglia Advisors finally brings access to high quality direct professional money management at an affordable price to any individual investor, with no required minimum investment and without the need for an accompanying financial plan. We will design a customized asset allocation across multiple goals for your individual circumstances and implement this allocation on a powerful yet intuitive platform using a portfolio of ultra-diversified, low-cost exchange traded funds (ETFs). Your dedicated CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional will monitor the portfolios, ensuring that they remain appropriate for you using the very latest technology to ensure constant and automated rebalancing, asset location and tax-loss harvesting. You will receive exclusive monthly financial market reports to help you stay on top of your investments. 

college planning analysis

A customized report tailored specifically for your family showing how much college is likely to cost under different scenarios and different colleges that you can pre-select and we then reverse-engineer the process to show you what you need to save to get there financially. We will design a dollar-specific set of recommendations of where, why and how much to save for college, no matter how many future scholars are in your family. The report will also contain useful information on 529 Plans, FAFSA and CSS. This service is offered at no cost to Financial Planning clients only, but is also available on a stand-alone basis for a one-time fee to other clients and non-clients alike.

hourly based sessions

In the case of single life events, such as recent or impending marriage, divorce or widowhood, becoming new parents, considering the purchase of real estate, starting out in the workforce, changing workplace benefits like a new set of 401k fund choices, dealing with a financial windfall or professional promotion that require qualified, professional guidance, financial organization or simply a jump-start, Anglia Advisors is still the answer. You can still access the fiduciary expertise of a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional to help you without the commitment of an ongoing financial planning relationship by arranging for a fixed-fee hourly-based session of either two or three hours where you set the agenda. You can optionally arrange for follow-up and additional sessions at your own convenience.                                   

deep dive credit consultation

In association with New York’s top credit management and development firm, Regal Credit Management, Anglia Advisors clients can now get exclusive access to their RCM Tri-Merge Credit Report at a significantly discounted rate and get a free analysis from a RCM credit specialist. Additionally, the credit specialist will follow up with a phone call and go over your report with you personally, pointing out any problems and suggesting effective actions you can take to keep a healthy credit score. This service is exclusively offered to all Anglia Advisors clients for a discounted small additional fee. This service is not available to non-clients.