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Foreign National Consultation

Foreign National Consultation 


As a prospective or newly-arrived foreign national living and working in the US on a visa or green card, understanding the US financial, employment, retirement planning, estate planning, overseas account reporting requirements and legal system is likely an intimidating prospect, especially when you factor in that non-citizens are not always treated the same as citizens and that your situation can be very different depending on whether you are on a visa or have a green card in place, how long you have been here and intend to stay.

After a one-time consultation with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional with a specialty and experience in dealing with foreign nationals in the US as well as a vast network of specialist professionals in the fields of tax, law, immigration, insurance, estate planning, credit and more, you (and your family and employer) will be ready to better face all these issues from a more educated standpoint and knowing that there is a team of professionals out there with specialist international knowledge that you can access and upon whom you can rely. Consultations may be arranged either by the client directly or by a US-based employer.


  • This service is available as a specialized two-hour version of my Hourly-Based Single Sessions

  • The consultation can be held in person at my midtown Manhattan location or, in certain cases and with their agreement, at the office locations of your immigration attorney or employer. Consultations with US-based clients located outside New York City or with clients who are overseas can take place via our video conferencing/screen-share technology.

  • The consultation will prove especially useful in advance of consideration of a change of immigration status as regulations, laws and obligations will can arise, evolve or fall away in line with any new status:

    • the first visa upon arrival

    • visa renewal

    • visa to green card

    • green card to US citizen

    • reversal or renounciation

  • Topics covered will focus on areas in which foreign nationals have particular issues as the very nature of their non-citizenship can mean they are treated differently from US citizens. These may include:

    • Retail banking, credit and debit cards

    • Immigration planning and the financial effect of changes of status

    • Credit development (more important than you may think) - See the podcast below

    • Estate Planning and the concept of domicile (warning: this can be a biggie!) - See the podcast and the Asset TV interview below

    • Tax considerations and the concept of residency*** - See the Asset TV interview below

    • Should I buy real estate in the US?

    • Retirement planning and social security in the US, how does it work?

    • Overseas account reporting requirements - See the Asset TV interview below

    • Mortgages and other loans, how and where do I go to get one?

    • Renting an apartment, it can be a problem!

    • Currency Exchange services beyond what your bank offers

    • Life Insurance, does my non-citizenship affect my eligibility?

    • Saving for college, does my non-citizenship affect my ability to save in a tax advantaged 529 college savings plan?

    • Particular issues that can affect a non-working non-citizen spouse

    • Considerations and ramifications of non-citizens giving birth to and bringing up children in the US

    • Previous UK residents of any nationality: How to best handle an existing UK pension while you are in the US

    • Cultural adaptation

    • Translation services

    • Career and employment information

  • Following the consultation, a report will be sent that will review the findings, as well as providing a significant amount of highly useful resources for the foreign national who is newly-arrived in the US or is soon-to-arrive

  • Any outside specialist professionals identified during the consultation as being of use or necessity to the foreign national client will be introduced and referred shortly following the meeting

Listen to the episode of "Angles, The Anglia Advisors Podcast" called The Scary World of International Estate Planning in which Simon interviews estate attorney Shannon McNulty Esq., CFP® about what non-citizens can face in the US and need to consider when it comes to estate planning and premature death. You can also listen to great webinar on International Estate Planning by Paula Jones, Esq. which drills down deeply into his subject.

Listen to the episode of "Angles, The Anglia Advisors Podcast" called The Bizarre World of Credit and Credit Scores in which Simon interviews Anthony Davenport, founder of Regal Credit Management about the enormous importance of credit and your credit score in the US and how, as a newly-arrived foreign national with no previous US credit or income history, you can begin to navigate the system

Watch Simon talk on Asset TV about what financial advisors need to understand and be ready to discuss when it comes to foreign national clients in the US, particularly when it comes to taxes, estate planning and overseas account disclosure requirements

*** Important note: As a Registered Investment Advisory firm, Anglia Advisors is not permitted to give direct domestic or international tax, legal or incorporation advice, but is permitted to broadly describe the tax or legal landscape in which the client may be operating here in the US.

Please understand that if your concerns revolve exclusively around income or capital gains tax concerns in the US and/or corporate finance, commercial investment, legal incorporation and contract law issues with opening a small business or subsidiary in the US on which you require advice, then a consultation with a CFP® is not appropriate and you should seek the services of (respectively) a specialized CPA or a contract or business law attorney with a good understanding of international tax, corporate finance, incorporation regulations and/or US employment law.

Please also understand that, as a US-based Registered Investment Advisor and holder of the United States version of the CFP® credentials, I am not permitted to give any kind of financial advice or any recommendations or suggestions regarding assets already held or potentially to be held anywhere outside of the US and cannot comment or advise on existing laws, prospective legislation, regulations, rules, general conventions, government programs, taxation or treaty clauses of any kind emanating from any country or territory outside of the US.



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