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Foreign National Consultation 

Welcome To America. Now Here's What You Need To Know.

As a prospective or newly-arrived foreign national living and working in the US on a visa or green card, understanding the US financial, employment, retirement planning, estate planning, overseas account reporting requirements and legal system is likely an intimidating prospect, especially when you factor in that non-citizens are not always treated the same as citizens and that your situation can be very different depending on whether you are on a visa or have a green card in place, how long you have been here and intend to stay. It’s just not likely to be top of your list of things to address right now.

After a one-time consultation with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional with a specialty and experience in dealing with foreign nationals in the US as well as the Anglia Advisors Professional Network in the fields of tax, law, immigration, insurance, estate planning, credit and more, you (and your family and employer) will be ready to better face all these issues from a more educated standpoint and armed with a team of professionals out there with specialist international knowledge that you can access and upon whom you can rely. The consultation will address many of the issues that you will face as a US-based non-citizen (see below) and which are rarely, if ever, explained to in-bound expats directly by their employers or attorneys.

Smaller and medium-sized employers with perhaps multiple inbound foreign national staff over the course of a year are able to retain our services to hold consultations at their location as part of an enhanced on-boarding package to each of their arriving non-citizen employees .

Contact us for details of discounted pricing for corporate engagements whereby we give such consultations to multiple foreign national employees on separate occasions or hold awareness-raising presentations to your entire non-citizen workforce.

Consultations may be arranged and paid for either by the client directly or by a US-based employer. Following the consultation , further financial planning can be accessed using our Per Hour Plan and Portfolio Management is also available.


Listen to the episode of "Angles, The Anglia Advisors Podcast" called The Scary World of International Estate Planning in which Simon interviews estate attorney Shannon McNulty Esq., CFP® about what non-citizens can face in the US and need to consider when it comes to estate planning and premature death.

Listen to the episode of "Angles, The Anglia Advisors Podcast" called The Bizarre World of Credit and Credit Scores in which Simon interviews Anthony Davenport, founder of Regal Credit Management about the enormous importance of credit and your credit score in the US and how, as a newly-arrived foreign national with no previous US credit or income history, you can begin to navigate the system.

Listen to Simon talk on Asset TV about what financial advisors need to understand and be ready to discuss when it comes to foreign national clients in the US, particularly when it comes to taxes, estate planning and overseas account disclosure requirements (audio only, the video is no longer available).


Please understand that if your concerns revolve exclusively or primarily around income tax matters in the US or any other country and/or corporate finance, commercial investment, legal incorporation and contract law issues with revolving around a small business or subsidiary in the US on which you require advice, then you should seek the services of (respectively) a specialized CPA or a contract or business law attorney with a good understanding of international tax, corporate finance, incorporation regulations and/or US employment law, and not a CFP® who is prohibited from giving direct tax advice. The same goes for immigration law, if you are looking for legal advice in this area, then you should consult an immigration attorney. In all cases, we may be able to provide a referral if you need one.

If you hold a G or A visa type, your situation is likely to be very different than that of holders of other visa types as described above and shown below. Please ensure that you let us know if you are a G or A visa holder and exactly which visa you hold when you contact us.

Please also understand that, as a US-based Registered Investment Advisor and holder of only the United States version of the CFP® credential, I am qualified and authorized to give personal finance and investment advice and/or any recommendations or suggestions regarding only those assets held or potentially to be held in the US by individuals or couples of any nationality but who are living, or will very shortly be living, in the US. I cannot comment, suggest or advise on any existing laws, prospective legislation, regulations, investments, rules, general conventions, government programs, taxation or treaty clauses of any kind in relation to any country or territory outside of the United States, and - in common with all financial advisors with clients located in the US - I am not permitted by regulation to discuss any form of offshore investments.



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Price and detail shown above is for a consultation organized and attended by an individual or a couple is and typical for non-complex cases, some more complex cases may be priced higher. Corporate engagements where an employer wishes to retain us to provide multiple consultations to inbound staff at their location may be discounted on a per-consultation basis but may be subject to an additional compensation for travel and time costs. Contact us for details of an overall package. Consultation sessions will be held under the fiduciary standard and are typically held in-person at our location in New York City or by online video conference. The fee is payable by check at the beginning, or in advance (using Chase QuickPay with Zelle), of the session. For clients located outside the United States only, a wire transfer may be used, with any associated transfer fee to be paid by the client. Additional financial planning is available at any time under our Per Hour Planning model to discuss other financial planning matters and Portfolio Management services may be added.

WEWORK: Existing WeWork members (Hot Desk membership and above) and WeWork employees are eligible for a 10% discount for Foreign National Consultations.