(646) 713 2225


Now you can securely text with us whenever you like in a safe, encrypted and compliant environment with a record kept of every conversation, using your normal phone texting method, with no additional apps to download.


Anglia Advisors is proud to introduce Anglia Messaging, giving you the ability to easily and securely text with us about your finances and accounts at any time with the messages encrypted and a complete record kept of every communication.

Until now, client/advisor professional texting about accounts, advice or queries has been a "gray area" in the eyes of those who oversee Registered Investment Advisors like Anglia Advisors, not explicitly disallowed but still somewhat frowned upon. The lack of a paper trail and record-keeping associated with text messages concerns the SEC and state regulators who may well take action soon. 

In anticipation of stricter oversight, to continue our mission of transparency and protection of our clients and prospects and in recognition that texting is the preferred communication system of many of our clients, we have teamed up with MyRepChat to create Anglia Messaging.

No additional software or apps are required, you can text in a secure and compliant way just by using your normal phone texting feature. All messages will appear on your device as simply another text message conversation.

However, as long as texts are sent and received from our unique new number of (646) 713 2225, the messages will all be encrypted at our end (making them many times more secure than regular texts or messages sent on any other texting platform) and a record and log will be kept of each and every message (see MyRepChat's security policy below).

Please make use of Anglia Messaging to communicate with us on any professional matters or questions regarding your accounts.

Given the newly compliance-approved nature and convenience of Anglia Messaging, we encourage you to confidently make us of it to communicate with us and we intend to make greater use of this communication method for short messaging and client scheduling going forward. 

Of course, all other means of communication like emails and good, old-fashioned phone calls remain as available to you as before!


For normal voice calls, please call (646) 286 0290


Any other phone numbers you may have on record for us will continue to work for calls and texts, but any texts sent to/from these numbers will not be encrypted nor will any record be kept of the communication and therefore they may risk not being compliant under impending regulation and therefore we request that these numbers not be used for texting about professional matters.

As a result, for any and all professional text communications, please now exclusively use Anglia Messaging.

There are no costs directly associated with using Anglia Messaging, although you may be subject to data fees from your wireless provider in the same way you might be for normal texting if your data plan happens to be structured that way. 

Anglia Messaging is made possible by Anglia Advisors contracting with MyRepChat for the use of their technology.