The New Start AAdvice Package


For many, financial decisions were made for us. Whether you are starting a new career after years living at your parents’ and/or college, or because a previous partner handled the finances and no longer does, you are now ready to make your own decisions about money, investments, retirement savings, insurances, and your estate. But you don't have to face all this alone. Anglia Advisors can be your guide.

Often, well-meaning family and friends will share tips, refer you to websites, tell you financial war stories about what happened to them in the past, or offer to help. What is really needed at this time is a dedicated, objective CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ fiduciary professional who understands from where you are coming and the landscape into which you are heading. Your advisor will give unbiased advice, recommendations, and education as well as offer a vast network of other financial and legal professionals that he/she can make available to you.


Who can benefit from a New Start AAdvice Package?

- Anyone just starting out in the workforce faces many decisions regarding 401(k)-type plans, IRAs, other savings and investments, insurance needs, workplace benefits, real estate needs, budgeting, wealth building, estate planning considerations, and general financial organization. Guidance in these areas to help develop positive behavioral finance habits is invaluable.

- Anyone who, on the other hand, previously had access to workplace benefits like a 401(k) plan and various insurances (not to mention a bi-monthly paycheck) but now does not, possibly because of a career change, including becoming an entrepreneur, and therefore needs to explore a different path to personal financial security than the previous W2 one

- Anyone recently affected by divorce, death of a spouse, or the end of a long-term relationship whose previous partner was primarily financially in charge, and now finds him/herself responsible for managing finances but is unsure how to get organized

- A friend, relative, or acquaintance of someone in any of these categories listed above, who wants to help that person start his/her financial journey with a qualified professional who is objective and unbiased


Tell me more about the New Start AAdvice Package!

- The client's particular circumstances will dictate many of the specifics of the package

- For those on new career paths, a dedicated, objective CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional will analyze and guide you toward optimizing your workplace benefits, such as the 401(k)-type plan and various insurances. More importantly, your planner will explain the features, benefits, risks, and deficiencies of these packages so you can make informed decisions. Plus, your advisor will discuss the development of your credit score, and how you need to prepare for loans, such as mortgages.

- For those ready, for the first time, to handle their own investments and retirement savings, we will make recommendations regarding asset allocation and security selection with 401(k)-type plans, IRAs, brokerage accounts, and more. In doing so, you can confidently control your investments, as well as build and protect wealth aligned with the advice of a qualified financial professional.

- For those emerging from personal relationships in which they did not play a significant role of handling their own finances, Anglia Advisors will empathetically sit down and talk you through what you need to know. From developing your own credit to making changes to your estate plan, from sensibly investing windfall assets from an inheritance or divorce settlement to adjusting insurance policies and changing beneficiary designations, from changing bank accounts to real estate considerations, we will thoughtfully point you in the direction of financial organization, consolidation, and independence.

- Your dedicated CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ can introduce a vast network of other professionals and specialists to you in the fields of law, tax, real estate, insurance, credit development, and more