Anglia Advisors is an independent fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm that provides personal finance advice and investment management solutions using a unique, interactive and fiduciary financial planning process.

Founder and principal, Simon Brady, CFP®, a UK-native and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, recognized the difficulty that both US citizens and non-citizens faced in finding un-conflicted, affordable fiduciary personal finance advice and investment management with no minimums.

So he started the firm to address the personal financial planning and organizational needs of a younger generation of professionals (aged 22-45) and also those of foreign nationals living and working in the US on visas and green cards.



Anglia Advisors's financial planning process is truly interactive and makes use of the latest, most intuitive technology available today. Our process is rooted in the trusted, fiduciary relationship between the client and the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. We have no minimum amount if you wish to have your investments professionally managed and have a broad range of financial planning service offerings available.


Those living or soon-to-be-living in the US on a visa or a green card face a number of particular financial, tax, and legal issues that American citizens do not. Our role is to educationally raise awareness within the foreign national community, allowing us to offer solutions both directly and indirectly by means of enabling client access to an extensive network of specially qualified professionals who can be called upon to help non-citizens address these issues. 


At Anglia Advisors, we believe in doing all we can to educate clients and other investors through presentations and workshops in front of the public, for private companies, non-profits, universities, libraries, cultural and trade associations, MeetUp groups, at conferences and forums, even for any group of interested people that you put together. Investor education is an integral part of the financial planning process for our clients.


Based in the heart of New York City, the firm specifically caters both to younger professional individuals of any nationality who are proactive enough to be ready to build, secure, and protect their personal financial futures. I also specializes in financial planning for foreign nationals, who are either already located in the US or preparing to relocate here, looking for guidance with the particular financial planning and relocation issues they face.  

Unlike most financial advisors in the US, Anglia Advisors has no minimum asset levels for our clients and always operates under the Fiduciary Standard. This means our firm is required to act in our clients' best interests at all times and deliver the best possible service we can with every engagement, with no conflicts of interest.

This is always the fundamental principle that drives all our recommendations. 



As a Registered Investment Advisor, Anglia Advisors is NOT permitted to offer direct tax advice, legal advice or medical advice and no firm communications of any kind (written, media, electronic or verbal) should be construed as such.